Self Love Ritual by Lena Marquise

Director: Lena Marquise

Sequence 01.Still004 Sequence 01.Still014 Sequence 01.Still009 Sequence 01.Still008

Art Director: Lena Marquise
Director of Photography: Richard Rankin
Editor: Lena Marquise
Audio: Ellens Gesang III D839 ‘Ave Maria’ // Barbara Bonney
Wardrobe [pearls]: Bliss Lau

Seraph: Lolita XXX
Rhetor: M. Geranimo

“Self Love Ritual” is a film directed and edited by Lena Marquise which depicts a woman  (Seraph­ the muse) in varying stages of ritualistic preparation for self love, and a fantastical  male presence which seemingly governs her actions (Rhetor­ the narrator). It is intentionally  difficult to distinguish who is fantasizing about whom; the fantasy and the reality are  interchangeable depending on the viewer’s perspective. This film is shot in a fashion editorial style to invoke as little sentiment as possible, while using highly emotional audio of Ellens Gesang III’s D839 ‘Ave Maria’. The director’s hope is that when censorship of mature and sexually implicit and explicit content lifts from media, this is how fashion editorial videos.

“Self Love Ritual” is the first artistically ertoic (explicit softcore) film in which the artist who  directed and edited the film did not appear in front of the camera, allowing her to have greater control in co-­directing the cinematography. The emotional dissonance created by editing the images of someone else’s body, the post production process was less emotional, and thus provided a less abstract, and more cohesive value to the style. It is a projection into the future of fashion films.