Art Walk: VOLTA

Art Week is almost over; where the tribe-clad-in-all-black walk alongside instagrammers and the old timers, and congregate around understandably-popular, reflective work.


At Volta, an invitational-only fair in its 10th year edition, exhibiting galleries focus on a single artist. With 96 galleries from 47 cities, the immense visuality was neatly laid out and made easy to navigate.
We gravitated to S’ friend’s booth – Rubber Factory – previously interviewed in our Studio Visit series. Rubber Factory presents lens-based artist Pacifico Silano’s ‘Arrangements’.


The ‘Arrangements’ series are photo based collages appropriating gay iconography from vintage porn. The work brings out the sentiments of political activism, gay rights and the remembrance of the impact of AIDS crisis. Salino presents and plays with the abstract and tangible heaviness of the interaction we have with porn, and the present-day glass interaction through a mobile phone screen. The curated content of the found imagery speaks of longing and the grasps, permeating a certain visual aesthetic and culture.


VOLTA NY, until Sunday March 5, 12-5pm.
Pier 90, West 50th at 12th Avenue.
More information on the work and artist can be reached at