Book Review: DENTRO by Alessandro Casagrande

Photos by Alessandro Casagrande

Interview by Madeline Carpentiere



Madeline Carpentiere: First, can you give an introduction of what your book is?

Alessandro Casagrande: Dentro is a collection of photographs that reveals the most intimate sides of a relationship in all his fragile purity: soft kisses, hands that touch, naked body crossed by sunlight: in the book erotic tension, physicality and emotions, are mixed and they change in each page, just as it has changed the relationship between the photographer and the loved person shot after shot, destination after destination. Made up of hotel rooms and apartments in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan, these photos make us think about how often the other becomes home, a safe place to retreat to and where we can show all our vulnerability.

M: Were there any challenges of creating something cohesive with the same person?

A: Everything came spontaneous between us and there wasn’t any challenge. The images are captures of my relationship and intimacy, sentiments and desires. Shooting personal images it doesn’t bring you in conflict with particular needs, you just follow what your instinct say. The only challenge arrived at last with the selection process. I had a consistent number of great images and I felt powerless. It required a long time to do the perfect choice and understand what to show.


M: Has your book helped you develop your own creative process?

A: My aesthetic evolved thanks to this book. The creative process for me is represented by the connection with my own emotions, and how to express that  in the best way possible. When I’m documenting something so private, it happens to connect more with my inner feelings and I try to capture it in small details. The light for me has an enormous relevance in the composition and the use becomes better and better in each picture. This book made me reflect on what is important and what is not in the storytelling.


M: This project was an ongoing process. Was it natural when you were shooting these pictures, or was any of it planned? How did you feel when you saw the final product?

A: The book was born by chance and came naturally. The photography was my way to stop those instants that without the camera they would be lost and kept just in our memories. I didn’t think to do a book at the beginning. I was just trying to the intimacy and love between us. The desire to do a book with this material arrived later when I started to look at all the pictures together. It was the perfect representation of my evolution, personal and artistic, and I felt that it was something pure.


M: If you would like to mention anything or add anything specific…

A: Dentro will be available for pre-order in September from