Studio Visit: Georgia Fenwick

Interviewed by Madeline Carpentiere

Photographed by Stoltze and Stefanie


Georgia Fenwick is a Lower East Side vintage shop owner. She is from London and now lives in NYC.


Madeline Carpentiere: What made you want to open your own store?

Georgia Fenwick: Since I was 10, I’ve always wanted to have a business -laughs- I’ve loved vintage clothing since I was young. What really started the idea in my head was when I visited Ohio with a friend. I went to all the shops and markets over there, and then the idea of a store came into my mind. Since then, I’ve traveled to specific places to find clothing for the store.

M: How would you describe Georgia NYC in your own words?

G: Curated biweekly, minimal, eclectic

M: What’s in your store right now?

G: Blues, soft tees, denim, I’ve been really feeling a lot of blue actually.

JSB_0307 (1)

M: Tell me about your process of finding new pieces for the store. Do you have a system now? Was it more difficult in the beginning?

G: In the beginning, it was a lot of hits or misses. I really didn’t have a real process at first nor did I have relationships with any stores or places. There’s a big difference from buying and shopping. Shopping is personal; it’s for yourself. You know your size and style, but when you’re buying for a store, you have to keep in mind other sizes while collecting different styles but also keeping the aesthetic of the store. In the beginning, I booked flights to places like Texas or London, and I just went around different shops and collected there. I didn’t know much of anything in certain places, like Texas, but now I have relationships with warehouses and stores so the process is much easier.

M: What about vintage wear makes you love them?

G: I love the stories behind them. With every clothing piece I find, there’s always a background about them. An older woman was in my store the other day, and picked up a piece and said that she used to wear the same piece in high school. I love hearing that.

M: What about a certain piece catches your eye?

G: Honestly, it’s purely instinct. I keep a very open mind. I don’t look for specific things when I walk into a warehouse or store.

M: Any goals you have for the shop? Are you working on anything right now?

G: Right now, one of my friends, opened a little coffee shop in the store so now while you shop you can drink as well! It’s nice to have because it makes the store have a community feel. I also have my own line of clothes, Georgia, in the store!


 Visit Georgia NYC at 27 Orchard Street in New York, New York.