Marion Belle (aka Thug Adonis) straddles the line between new and retro beautifully. It’s as though he has this great sauce that’s been passed down his family line for generations and then he decides to spice it up his own way. Sacrilege or admirable? At first you’re not so sure and then suddenly you’re tastebuds vehemently disagree with your apprehension. Magic! His voice is like the sweet spot between Klaus Meine and Steve Marriot.

In his latest video for the song, Sweet Johnny, shot by talented director, Abigail Briley Bean, he meanders a graffiti laden staircase in Shoreditch, London. He’s the guy you can’t stop staring at. By the way, this one is shot all in one take and set to a fairly unplugged arrangement. It’s a treat to hear his voice laid bare this time.

The song is about Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls). I  had the pleasure of asking Marion where he was coming from when he wrote the song. He said, “I never knew about his death and when I read some of the stories about it, it made me very sad. He said in an interview he only wanted to make kids dance and I remember that. His voice and his solo music are so haunting, so the song, the key it’s in and the overall melody is my homage to his beauty and pain.”

Click on pic for vid:

Marion Belle aka THUG ADONIS