The queen of minimalism returns


To underline the brand’s commitment to further expansion in Asia, Jil Sander recently inaugurated two mono-brand stores in China, Shanghai and Beijing.

With their international concept, the stores’ arrangement is based on a vocabulary of rigorous forms and linear solutions. The clarity and formal purity of the space conveys a diffused harmony ambiance while a range of carefully selected materials enhance the notion of understated luxury. Limestone, Macassar ebony-wood, nickel silver and water white glass create a succession of shiny and matte surfaces suggesting a sense of enlightened elegance.


To celebrate the openings, The Enjoy Museum of Art in Beijing welcomed the Jil Sander FW13 collection as an honoured guest.  With the white, high-ceilinged gallery space as the setting, and a huge diamond shaped metallic ornament hanging in the centre of the T-stage, the venue setting suggested a futuristic dimension of the brand’s spirit, aligning its sharp, architectural silhouette in front of more than 200 important guests.

The women’s wear strives to demonstrate the elegance of the female body, softness under hard lines, highlighting the proportion accuracy of the garments with extreme sophistications, showcasing a sense of avant-garde and modern seamlessly blends into the very spirit of elegance.

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Slender silhouette shapes men’s collection with an ‘Epic Masculinity’ mood, suggesting a dissemination of dominance. By focusing on the details, the garments reflect an image of solemn gentlemen, color tones like blue and red redefine the winter hue.

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Over the past 45 years, the strong-willed and uncompromising Sander has used a wide range of fabric types to produce simple fashion designs. She has abandoned all superfluous details and has always been a shrine to minimalism. The simple and restrained design style of Sander brings a breath of fresh air in fashion market.


The first Jil Sander mono-brand store, which opened in 2008, closed after merely a year of operation. However, as the Chinese keep discovering the European fashion market at high pace, the queen of minimalism is definitely back, full of confidence, ready to take her realm.